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Financial markets

Bank GPB International S.A. is part of the Gazprombank Group. We are a solid banking group with leading positions in the CIS markets. The group specializes in energy, metallurgy and mining, infrastructure and transport, telecommunications and other niche industries. We work with corporations, financial institutions, asset managers and private investors. We deal in stocks and bonds, currencies, interest rates, derivatives and structured products.

Investment banking

We offer a variety of solutions in the debt and equity markets for companies that are looking to raise capital. For companies that want optimize their existing capital structure, we offer various solutions in the secondary market (including buy-backs and other customized solutions).

Global markets

For clients looking for investment solutions, we offer a range of services from standard brokerage to customized structured and hybrid tailor-made investments. We offer our clients access to a variety of Debt, Equity and Currency trading as well as in other assets (derivatives, structured products), on a best execution basis. We also provide our customers with access to highly-regarded research & analytical support from Gazprombank (Moscow)

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